Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stamp Out Procrastination!

After much prodding and chiding from my children, I promise to end procrastination and write this blog. Sigh....... Hopefully, I will remember all passwords and sign in names and come up with some interesting tidbits to share. :o) 

This summer I have been working at an historic site making baskets and doing tinsmith work. Basket making is fun, but tin is GREAT FUN! Soldering is done with a blowpipe and alcohol lamp and the tin is formed using antique machines. So far I have made star shaped cookie cutters, a couple of tin cups, a half sheet tray, and gnome cookie cutters. My next project is to experiment with asphaltum, a material that was used historically to coat the tim prior to decorative painting. The tray will soon, I hope, become a painting project. Whoot! 

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